Gboard hanging issue in Redmi/Android mobile devices [Solved]

Hanging issue for gboard in android phones solved

I bought a Redmi mobile phone for the high quality and low price it had. My mobile phone is Redmi Note 6 pro and I run the latest MIUI 11 update as my package update. I had bout it almost 15 months before and was using it for various multitasking purposes until recently I found an error with the keyboard. 

As I need to type in my native language of malayalam, I used the best keyboard - Gboard by google for that. However, Gboard keeps hanging and stuck for the past 2-3 months. I was so worried that, this precious Redmi have gone out of date and time. However, it was not an issue with the gadget itself but with certain problems with the GBoard app itself. 

What sort of measures I did and failed to rectify this Gboard hanging issue?

I opened my google play store and looked up for the latest updates under My apps and games menu, from the left top menu. I updated my GBoard and hoped to have no issues. BUt it still continued.

On the verge of hanging, when I needed to type at emergency situations, GBoard keeps stalling me and eventually I got frustrated. Finally I was going to change my keyboard to the inbuilt Redmi keyboard of Google Indic keyboard, with the heartbreak of losing my native language keyboard provided by the google. But, I found a way to rectify this GBoard issue and Now, it works super fine.

How to rectify the GBoard being stuck in android / redmi phones?

First of all, this method is not unique or special to Redmi phones, but this is also valid for every android phones. Sorry to say, but I really don't know about other OS. So, Below I will explain it in steps, and with appropriate screenshots. Please keep in mind that, this settings is unique for Redmi, the name of the options and setup in other devices like Samsung, Nokia, Oneplus may vary, but the method is still valid for all of the android phones.

So, let's go and solve this GBoard issue in android phones with two minutes.

Solving GBoard slow/stuck/hanging/lagging/stalling issue in android

One particular thing with Gboard is that, it is a system app which we have to install separately from google play store. However, unlike other apps, we won't see that app in our Home screen or even in the App settings page inside the Setting of the android. So, we need to make it change and bring our GBoard to the surface first. Follow the instructions below carefully.

Surfacing GBoard to App settings

Step - 1 : Go to your keyboard (In whatsapp or telegram or anywhere you can type). Choose the Setting icon (The gear icon). 

Step - 2 : The the settings menu will be opened in the GBoard. Choose Advanced menu inside that.

Step - 3 : You will see an inactive section which has made our GBoard to disappear from the main menu and app menu in the settings. So, here we will make it active.

Step - 4 : Once, it's active, it should show as shown in the below picture.

Step - 5 : Then, if you check your home page / mobile menu page, you will GBoard as an App, being visible.

Step - 6 : Once this is set, then go to your Phone settings, Choose Apps section.

Step - 7 : For Redmi phones, Inside Apps, you will have to select Manage apps separately. The names of these sections might differ a bit in other models like samsung or nokia, but the procedure remains the same.

Step - 8 : Choose GBoard from it.

Step - 9 : Just open the clear data section

Step - 10 : And clear the cache.

Remember, you should not clear - Clear all data - as it clear all the extra languages and keyboards you might have set so far. You should only clear cache. 

This will make your keyboard works faster. If your keyboard seems to be slower after a while, then do this procedure again whenever necessary.

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