Using whatsapp to get high adsense revenue for blogspot users

One of the biggest issue a blogger will suffer during his blogging time will be the lack of quality visitors. I myself have suffered that for a very long time. Even if we genuinely make good articles and useful content, there is no use. The most suffering community is google's own blogging platform - Blogger - bloggers. Due to the unavailability of widgets and applications, wordpress rules over the blogging world. The superiority created by wordpress forces most of the bloggers to switch platform from blogspot to wordpress. The real problem arises when a newbie blogger comes into the world of blogging. He or She might not be well equipped with the things needed for a good blog or they might not be well reversed with the basic lessons of blogging and other parameters needed. They will be using blogger and will suffer a huge time loss and waste of effort, and they will switch to wordpress, will struggle a lot, will have to pay a lot of money for the hosting, and other extra services and finally boom! People will abandon the most easiest way to establish an income online. So, Here, I am going to explain a method where one can make use of their whatsapp or whatsapp business account and get a good earning from their blog. Remember, this only works perfectly for adsense publishers and other affiliates marketing might not be that easy.

How to get high traffic and adsense earnings through whatsapp

Why whatsapp?

I prefer whatsapp for getting a high quality visitor because, most of the whatsapp users are genuine and local. We can get people's attention through whatsapp. We might not be looking at facebook every time or instagram. However we will be looking at whatsapp, because our personal and intimate contacts are face to face available in whatsapp.

Another reason why we should make use of whatsapp is that, people will get a less exposure to the entire social web. When we enter facebook, we have 100 friends and each of them might be having 100 each. All the matching feeds and ads will be filled in our timeline and we will be scrolling endlessly. However, In whatsapp there is that limitation. There is no limitless scrolling. The scrolling finishes once we finish reading our groups and chats. And we will not be fed with new recommendations in whatsapp unlike facebook or other social media.

How to use whatsapp to get high quality visitors for your blog?

There are two ways, one is to make a broadcast - which is more efficient and working, the other is to create a group - which is working but just below the range of a broadcast.

Method One:

This is a lot of effort taking, but worth it! You might feel exhausted and hopeless, but believe me, this works like hell!

Make your whatsapp invite link and ask your friends to send you their contact cards. The whatsapp profile link will look like this - for Indian people. For others, instead of the first two digits 91, it will be their respective country code and then their usual phone number follows. 

Decide which is your best niche and start the blog. Post a few article, say 50 articles. Then share your whatsapp broadcast invite links in whatsapp groups, facebook groups or telegram groups. You can advertise them for the cheap prices you might find. Once you have doe that people will send your names/contact cards to be a participant of your broadcast. However, this works only when you have a quality content, which useful to a category of people. 

How to tackle the saving contact issue?

For you to add a contact to a broadcast, you must have to save them first. Not only you, but also the other fellow have to do that same. So how can you tackle this?

How to make your friend save your contact?

Welcome message - is a feature enabled in the whatsapp business app (It's a free app just like the normal whatsapp from facebook) - by the way, you should take business whatsapp. IN the business whatsapp, you can set a pre-written message as a welcome message to anyone who sends you any message. If they get your link to profile and messages you soemthing, they will get an automated reply which you have already set. In this message, you have to ask them to save your contact. Believe me, 90% of them will do.

How to save their contact easily?

When you invite them with your profile link, you should invite them such that, the invitation link must be along side of an explanatory note which says what is your content and what they have to do to get them. For example, if you have a blog with mobile phone reviews as it's content, you can post a description line ike this : "Get all the latest mobile phone reviews in whatsapp. Just click on the link and send your contact card to join the broadcast, JOIN >>". 

However, when saving, you have to organise them and order them. Or else, you will get confused. For that, the best way is to use another android phone and a separate email address. Use whichever phone number for your whatsapp as per your convenience, but if you want to get rid of the huge contact list you might have to create, buy a second hand android phone for a cheap price or use an old one. Create a separate email ID in it and take whatsapp in it. When people sends their contact cards, just open it and click save. Before saving you have to add some code words for you to recognise them. Because, when you have a a 500 broadcast participants, you will have to create two broadcast links. So, you will have to understand whom you have added and in which. The best way you can do this is to add alphabets or numbers before their names in order. I will recommend numbers for easiness. You can save your contacts like this : John Cena 1, John Lock 2, Ahammed kardash 3, Revathi K 4, Aslihan 5, Mohammed 6, Ayyappan kumaran 7, etc.

Next time, when you create a broadcast, you only will have to check their numbers and can ignore the names. This will be working perfect, when you add the numbers in front of the names. for example : 1 John cena, 2 John lock, 3 Ahammed kardash, 4 Revathi K, 5 Aslihan, 6 Mohammed, 7 Ayyappan kumaran etc. The double advantage of this is that, these contacts will be at the bottom of the list, after alphabetical names only. So, they wont cloud your normal contacts if you are using your own phone instead of a secondary phone.

Once you have a large number of contacts you can make broadcast lists and send your blog posts to them directly. Believe me, nothing works much better than a direct message to your reader.

Method two:

It is just the basic method of making groups. It might not be that effective when compared to the broadcasts, but is less difficult when comparing the contact saving and making lists. 

It's simple.

Make enough groups, lure people into your groups and fill them.
When there is 200+ members in it, then start posting your blog links with a title, description to the group. (Don't post naked links, people will only see it as spammy)

Some tips to make it perfect :

Don't fool people into coming to your group with fake titles. Let them know for what they are coming, or you might witness a large number of people leaving all together.

Keep the group in admin mode only, or else other people will spam your group. 

Once you are equipped with quality people in, say 8-10 whatsapp groups, you have a permanent visitors of 1500-2500 in size. This will let you get the equivalent effect which we get from email subscribing.

But there are some side effects for this too. There are some serious issues you want to know while using this whatsapp traffic to your blogspot blog. I have written a brief article on it and how to solve it here : Solving whatsapp traffic issue in adsense

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