Solving whatsapp traffic issue in adsense for your blogspot blog

I have previously explained how can we get a huge hike in traffic as well as adsense revenue through whatsapp. However, it comes with some additional difficulties, not because of the whatsapp, but because of our increment in quality organic traffic.

using whatsapp to earn more from adsense in blogspot blogs

Quality organic traffic are the traffic directly coming from search engines like google and big. Such visitors are so genuine that, they have been redirected to see our webpage because our webpage seem useful to them as per the algorithm of the search engine. However, traffic from our whatsapp groups or other shared links are considered to be direct traffic, where people are directly entering to the website in hope of the useful data. Neither the visitor nor the adsense company knows whether the visitor sis a qualitative one or not. So, the adsense will take precautions for such visitors. At first they might not be a problem, because adsense of google doesn't have any authority to degrade or rank a direct visitors lower than the organic one, however, adsense does one thing : They decreases the CPC

When, we have a whatsapp group and we post a new article regarding any particular hot topic, we might get a huge rush in traffic and as a result our number of adsense clicks too might have increased. But, as you share the links in that group(s) more and more, it will be the same people who will re-visit your site every time.

From the perspective of adsense, a visitors who is coming again and again will be a potential customer who seek the product or service provided in the website regularly or they can also be a spammer who comes to visit the site to fake the adsense page views and give invalid clicks. As this is a human conceptional matter, adsense algorithm might not be able to detect the pure intention of the visitor from his sole activity. Instead, adsense will take precaution over the same visitor and will show different ads and ads with low cpc to them. If the same user is repeatedly coming and is clicking ads every time, gradually the cpc will be lowered to even 0.01 dollar may be to 0.00 dollar. We might see a hike in the ad clicks, but we won't see any revenue generated. It is because, adsense can't possibly categorize it as a fake/invalid click, but it can group it into maliciously doubtful click and they will keep that user's ID in quarantine of experimental ads, where the ad clicks will be counted for statistics purpose, but there won't be any revenue generated.

I myself tried this method and saw my CPC going down day by day, as the same group of visitors from my whatsapp groups came  as a whole. 

How can you rectify this issue?

There are two ways in which you can do this. Both ways are legitimate but little hard.

One way is to do SEO on your website and try to gain more Google or Bing visitor sin time. More Organic visitors means, the adsense algorithm will rate your site as qualitatively good and they won't doubt your direct traffic. However, If your site keeps getting high volume of direct traffic and very less organic traffic, there is a slight chance that adsense might eventually ban your from using adsense and will withhold or take back your earnings.

The other was is good, but it's more difficult than this. Keep growing your whatsapp groups every day. The more you grow them, the more new users will be there for you. The more new IPs comes to your website, you can make it equivalent to advertising your website. When we advertise our website in any platform like social media, the traffic will be direct in nature and different and new IPs will be visiting your site. This can be created in a virtual way using the new members of whatsapp group. But. it's a little difficult when your content is targeted to a smaller and narrow visitor niche. This might also sometimes become very difficult for regional language niche blogs like a particular niche oriented blog in a particular language of yours other than english - like a blogspot blog on gardening in your regional language like malayalam. However, if you keep growing the user base, then there won't be any much issues.

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