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SEO is very well know among the bloggers and other webmasters who wish to get a good traffic from google and other search engines. There was a time when English was the dominated language which ruled the Internet. It still do, but local search engines and regional languages have sprouted up. As a result, google itself have started to integrate multiple languages for a very long time. Due to this effort, Malayalam - the native language of keralites and Many other Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali etc have been selected as an official language of google and their most famous advertisement publishing partner Adsense. This article is not just about one or two native languages of India, but is applicable to every native languages other than English around the globe.

How to do SEO for malayalam blogs in blogspot blogger blogs

Due to the approval of native languages in adsense, the blogging area have become active once again and is flourishing. But, the problem is, most of the people doesn't know how to make use of their language. There are lots of bloggers who writes very good quality articles in their blog, but because their language is Malayalam or other native language of India, the search engine won't recognize them, as they do with English. So, how to fix this?

How can we integrate blogspot blogger blog with an Indian Language?

There are two methods, which are both completely necessary for you to get a hike in your traffic from google. This two methods comprises of a Generalized method and a Special method. IN the generalized method, you will have to do something which will be done once in your blog. If you have multiple blogs, you will have to do it once in everyone of them. It doesn't matter if your blog is parked in a domain or subdomain.

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Integrating native/Indian language optimization

It might not be much different from the official methods we use to integrate our blog for SEO in english language, but you have to be very careful and cunning. Because, when you are running an English blog, you don't have to worry about anything, as your content itself is in english and google will scan those content for keywords and other variable. But, it's difficult for native languages for Malayalam. I will explain how google is Optimizing your Native language blog for SEO and then will explain how to make use of those rules and get maximum traffic out of abiding the rules.

How does google scan your blogspot blog?

Irrespective of the language you use in your blog, a search engine like google will scan your blog and will optimize them for the future searches of people. Actually google expects a lot from our blogs. Because , only when we have good content, google can deliver it to the right person seeking for it Only then, google can become best at what it does. But like us, google is not a human to understand everything with a glimpse of emotion. So, we need to give the required information that google might seek from our blog. It's like filling out the required details in our Resume or An application form or when we sign up in a Social media. Technically, we need to sign up our blog into search engines. So, let's begin each things step by step.

Generalized method of Native language integration in blogspot blog

Here, I will often use the term Malayalam, because my native language is Malayalam. However, this will be equally probably applicable for every other approved languages of India as well as those around the world.

Blog language

The first thing you will have to do it to change your blog language in your blogger dashboard settings. By default it will be english, please change it to your suitable language. 

Why this is so important?

In SEO we can use the hreflang tags to let google or bing know about the language in which the page is written. Google is so sophisticated that it will auto detect it from our fonts, but the more job our blog make google to do, the less will be our rewards. SO, if the integration is easier, then google will scan it super fast and will produce in results. So, make sure your Language is set to your own native language. This is a special one click feature for blogspot bloggers. This is also available in wordpress however, we are blogspot lovers and we don't care about them :P

Time stamp

The time zone location of your blog must match your time zone of your native country fro where you are blogging or the population of your blog language resides. For me, my native language is Malayalam and it is popularly spoken among keralites of the kerala state of India. I am currently residing in the same state, so I will choose my time stamp as +05:30 UTC Kolkata as my time zone. 

Consider, If I blogs in malayalam and I was staying in some other country, then I should select the time zone in which I am residing. It is not about the time zone of the visitors, but og the blogger himself. Because, if you post a blogpost at day time from India will be night time in USA. So, the search engine needs to know when to show which article to whom at what order. So, this particular time issue is not just for native language bloggers, but also for every bloggers who uses blogspot blog for blogging.

What is problem if you didn't do this?

COnsider you are posting a blog post about some timely important event like an important news. If you are posting it from India at this particular time, it will be visible for Indian and for the timezones in front of India. However, whoever is behind India's time zone will only get these article through search engines after a cycle of 24 hours. This will cost you a big deal of traffic, especially if your blog contains anything which has a timely importance.

Blog description

Blog description is an option you can see in the blogger settings, where you can switch it on and off. When you switch it on, two things will happen. 

One : A box to fill the blog description will be active, just below where you switched it on.

Two : A post description box will have been started to be active on your blog post editor page. You can see this available when you write a new post next time,just below the location tab in editor page.

In the dashboard settings, enter your blog description in your native language and never in english. Because this one particular site description will be visible to your visitors and in search engines, which is a meta tag for user experience and not for Search Engine purpose. However, the Blog title and description at the top of the settings page must be filled with English only, as this will be your Blog meta data used for indexing in search engines. 

Special method of Native language integration in blogspot blog

 For the sake of a fanciness, I just naemd this as Special method, but in fact this is very special for your each article. 

Article title

Make your title more attractive les sin words, more in meaning and maximum upto 10-12 words and a minimum of 5 words. I will recommend to use a maximum of 7 words if possible for the beauty of search result sin search engines.

Labels of your post

You might have been very much keen to add more labels as keywords, but remember this labels acts as two things only : Categories and Breadcrumbs. They will never acts as keywords. IN blogspot, there is not special place to add keywords, other than the content area Itself, So, if you want to add keywords, add them in between your sentences as a part of those sentences. You should never use native language labels, only in english.


This is very vital for a blogpost. Make sure you edit every permalink using the custom option and use hyphenated words such that, you can imply the wholeness of your article in few words. Use a minimum of three words to maximum of seven words. I will recommend you to reduce the words in custom permalink to 5 words, because long chain permalinks is ugly for search engines.

Search description:

The search description you see in the post editor must be added and never ignore it. People may seem to copy their post title and paste it into the description box to save the time, but remember, this search description is one place where you can fill your keyword. Use both languages inter mixed here such that your keyword is in english and the remaining words of your description is in malayalam.

If you see, we have only made changes to a few things for the native language stuff. However, the biggest part lies in the content itself. Fill your malayalam (native language) content with english keywords such that, when google at first scans your page will get a grasp of your english words and only later they will get a hold of the malayalam words. 

But remember, google will also integrate malayalam words using google translator and if they don't match with the keywords your posted in between in english then your page rank will fall into abyss for fraud.


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