Number of posts needed before applying for adsense

Have you ever wondered what made you ask this question? What is the point in asking number of posts or articles, if your blogging was so passionate and qualitative? May be the need for monetization and disapproval of adsense is what made you think like this. But I will help you to overcome this.

how many posts are needed to get adsense

Number of posts in your blog 

Number of posts before applying for adsense for your blogspot blog

You must have at least 80 - 100 posts in your blogger blogspot domain-ed blog before applying for adsense. Not just number of posts count but also the content quality and quantity matters. You must need at least 700 words in each of them.

Number of posts before applying for adsense in custom domain-ed blog

Well, the fact is, custom domain doesn't give you any damn difference between a normal free blogspot domain. So, the answer remains the same. You need 80 - 100 posts for getting approval with the same post length and quality criterias.

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