Only method for blogspot blogs to get adsense approved [2020 update]

Adsense is the top level ad provider all over the world. It is a paradise for the people who are engaged in blogging and website building. However, It is not that easy to be genuine and provide what's necessary to keep it alive. Here I will explain how to get adsense approved for the blogspot blogs with shortest time.

trick to get adsense approval for blogspot blogs fast using this trick

Blogspot blogs and Adsense

Blogspot blogs are those blogs which are made under, owned by google. They provide free hosting for the bloggers all over the world. They also provide a chance to earn money for those who provide quality products for the world to use. But how do the blogspot blogs will ever get a chance to get adsense approved? I will explain them below in few steps.

Adsense approval method for blogspot bloggers

There are two ways people usually get their blogspot blogs to run with adsense ads.

  1. Either they start a blogspot blog and post articles and qualitative content for few months and wait for the adsense beacon in the settings to appear. Then they apply through that option and get it.
  2. Another way is to get your adsense approved by using another website and then add your blogspot blog in that account to get approved.

However, even though these two methods exists, most of the blogspot blog owners won't get the chance to earn through adsense from the blog. The main reason behind this is the the unorganized methodology they follow while blogging, which will eventually come against adsense' policies and then gets rejected. So how do you blog to get it done right?

Things to do before applying for adsense on your blogspot blog

There are lot of tutorials already available on how to set up your blog for adsense and how to make your blog qualitatively good to be a good adsense publisher. I will not concentrate on the regular things, rather I will concentrate on the things most bloggers miss which will lead them to get a disapproval while applying for adsense.

Number of posts

You might have heard about the minimum number of posts that you should need to get adsense approval. You might have heard that it is somewhere near 20 articles or 25. However, it is not entirely true. This can be true if your blog is a hosted on a paid hosting like Godaddy or Hostinger, with a premium domain from godaddy or bigrock and a premium design. However this is not the case for a normal blogger who is using his free blogger blogspot blog for writing. The actual number of required posts vary as per your blog's content quantity. The important point you need to keep in mind is that it's not the number of articles that adsense will look but the number of links in your blog with what percentage of texts/product available in it. I will explain this in detail later. However, it is not 20-25 posts which you should be writing but 80-100 posts on a minimum scale. You can understand it better once you read Article writing for adsense approval.

Design of your blog

Everywhere everyone boasts about keeping you blog design a.k.a template to be simpler and responsive. But nobody tells how to do it and why we should do it. We should keep our blog simple because, google as well as adsense rely on their programmed algorithms to verify and analyse your content. These algorithms are made in such a way that it will be more helpful, easier and useful for the visitors. Yes, adsense doesn't count your designing talent but the amount on which your design creates a better user experience. If your reader came and find it difficult to navigate, or find it so difficult to read an article, it will seriously affect your readership. Adsense has numerous tools to analyse this. That is the reason why we say that the blog must be simpler. 

I also mentioned about the blog being responsive, but not why and how, not yet. I will explain why right now. Responsiveness is a measure of your blog's compatibility with the particular browser or portal through which the reader will come. Considering the normal internet users around the world the devices they use mostly to surf internet as well as your blog would be Mobile Phones, Laptops/Desktops, Tablets and e-Gadgets. So, if your site is more responsive towards these devices and the browsers they uses, the more better is your site to navigate for the user. That is the reason why your blog must be responsive enough to be qualified for adsense. 

Google Adsense Policies

I hope that whoever finds interest in publishing adsense would already have read about this and would have made some common requirements like about us page, privacy policy page and terms and conditions page. However, creating is one thing and making it real is another. Adsense doesn't look for some pages with title or URL named about,privacy,copyright or terms with some vague sentences written about those; especially when automatically generated or copied from some other sources. But I can help you create genuine pages of such if you follow my tips to make a privacy policy page in blogspot and disclaimer page in blogspot for adsense and SEO.

Copyrights of the content used

Copyright's itself literally means the right to copy and use the content through internet. If the content on your blog doesn't comes under proper copyright's usage you might get into serious trouble. I am not just talking about the disapproval of adsense but serious law and legal issues. This increases it's chance when your blog or brand starts to get more attention from the readers and customers of your niche.

Once you finish reading the above four important things and the associated details which I have provided as different posts along with them, it's high time that you apply for your Holy Grail.


Don't just sign up for adsense but use your brain

Applying for adsense is easy, right? because all you have to do it signup at adsense website and enter the needed details and follow the chain of commands. But do you know that there exists some secrets that you should know before applying? You have to use your brain well enough to understand what will happen once your site have been applied for adsense. These secrets aren't officially announced but experienced bloggers will eventually finds out in time. 

If you have completely read this article well, I assume that you have also read all the articles which I have mentioned inside this article. Because If you haven't then beware that, you will disappointed to spend these few minutes when your weeks of time gets wasted to get an e-Mail saying about the disapproval and how you made a big mistake. I request you to go through all the articles I have mentioned in this article and read this article twice or thrice. After all, I can only bid good farewell to you. Good luck my fellow blogger.

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