Use Images for SEO and get Adsense approval

Using Images in articles are of very important matter. It gives your blog a hard core look as well as a boost for SEO. Let's see how images affects getting an adsense account approved.

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Images along with texts are very decorative and gives you more Search Engine Optimisation, which indeed is very good for adsense. An article with Images are considered to be very good for adsense, because by putting an image in your article, you are proving that your reader is visually accessible. Hence, adsense can provide its display ads irrespective of knowing it directly from you or asking your permission. It is how adsense determines whether a site is potentially good for display ads. This is very good nowadays because, among the display ads, the javascript helps adsense to play short videos in them without having much effort like the earlier times when they had to use youtube extensions to do so. 

How to use pictures in blogspot for adsense

Using images is fine, but there are somethings you should really care and worry about images. 

Copyright violation

If your image was taken from another internet source or if that image is indexed by google from another source or if that image is righteously used by another adsense publisher, it comes under copyrights violation of adsense policies. You might be able to use the image from a popular website like National Geographic or Flicker and they might not even file any complaint against you, but google knows all. It keeps a good record of publicly occured digital crimes and violations irrespective of penalty declarations. So, don't use images just looted from some other sources. However, you can use images from websites like NASA as they provide the rights for general public to use those images for any purposes including commercial profitable purposes (everytime, without using NASA's logo or credibility for profit). Even if, I from my experience is recommending you to add a watermark of your own and rename the image. 


If your image have the same tags and labels similar to some other similar images over the internet then adsense considers your blog as a plagiarised. Plagiarism is when you copycat and provide duplicate content. Plagiarism might not violate copyrights everytime, but will surely make your article and blog into duplicate list.

Note:- Whatever I said above, also withholds for videos you are uploading and using. However you can use any videos as embedded iframes from youtube or vimeo, if it is possible to get those codes from that video. There is no problem is adding embedded videos. 

NB: Though I only mentioned about copyrights and plagiarism for images and videos, this highly extends for text content also.

Alternatively you have to do one more important thing. You should add ALT tag for the image with the desired long chain keyword added sentence in the image.

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