What is fallback subdomain in blogspot and how to set it

Fallback subdomain in blogspot blogs

fallback subdomain in blogspot blogger blog

There is feature called fallback subdomain in blogspot blogger blogs' settings. But few people use that option as none of them know how to use fallback subdomain in blogger.

Here I will explain What is fallback subdomain in blogger and How to use it.

What is fallback subdomain?

A Fallback subdomain is a subdomain added as a precursive measure to avoid server issues while loading your usual subdomain. If your domain have more than one subdomain at use, then your server where the domain registrar have set up the subdomains and the main naked domain might experience a fallback - a negligible but sensitive time-lapse between surfing. However, we set up fallback precautions to cover such issues.

A fallback IP address of subdomain will just redirect or hijack your usual subdomain and make it possible to load the site with a secondary subdomain.

Consider this blog, blogspot.padanam.com experienced such a lag. I have assigned 'tech/ to be my fallback subdomain. So, in case of any domain server timelapse, my subdomain blogging may not work, but you will view this site through tech.padanam.com

How to set up fallback subdomain in blogger blog?

  1. Set up a CNAME in your Domain service records.
  2. In the Name section, give the appropriate subdomain.
  3. In the value or points to, give - ghs.google.com
adding fallback subdomain in blogspot blog

adding fallback domain in dns for blogspot blgger blog

Save the CNAME

  1. Now come to your blogger.com dashboard and go to settings.
  2. Click on the fallback subdomain option and enter the word/subdomain you chose, that is which you have entered in the Name section of the CNAME.
  3. Save it.

fallback subdomain in blogspot blogger blog settingup

Hola! you have set up a fallback subdomain in blogger blog.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Really helpful Tutorial. But I'm very sad with the blogger new interface. I would like to get back to the old blogger interface. :(

    1. There is lot of stuffs going around in blogger nowadays. If you closely look, you can see small changes occurring daily. Hope that, one day it will be much awesome like wordpress. Especially when blogger updates their SEO algorithm.

  3. Note that adding a fallback subdomain might affect your SEO and SERP ranking. The feature is unstable and unpredictable when blogger chooses the main and the fallback.

    1. Thanks. This was my question when I read about fall back domain.

    2. Actually, as blogspot is hosted by Google and if your domain is provided by one of the top domain providers like GoDaddy, you won't ever need a fallback. It's actually useless in blogger.


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