Custom domain issues in blogspot blogs [2020 Update]

Blogger is the most impressive platform where bloggers tend to blog, at least for their first time. Every professional blogger would at least have tried blogger for once, because none of the other platforms could compete with the user easeness that blogger provides. Specifically the dashboard of blogger is the most simplest one when compared to other platforms for the non-technical people around the globe. As majority of the people though uses internet and digital gadgets, not everyone is equipped with technical knowledge of coding and other computer science knowledge. 

custom domain issues in blogspot blogger blogs fixed

Custom domain usage in blogspot blogs

When a person who is so fond of writing and sharing his ideas with the whole world, noting can stop that person from doing so. If this person is considering to write things and post content with utmost dedication, and if the person is using a blogspot blog, the first thing they will do is buying a custom domain to make their blog professional. However, people with less technical knowledge about Domains and DNS stuffs, they will usually end up doing it the wrong way. I think, its better tos tudy how to not do it rather than studying how to do it before we start a new venture. So, I dedicate this post to my fellow blogspot bloggers to not make mistake at the first place.

Common custom domain issues while parking in blogger blogs

There are lot of issues a person might face during the parking of a custom domain in blogger blog, however I will list the two most difficult issues.

  1. The naked domain issue in blogger
  2. HTTPS redirection problem in blogspot

The naked domain issue in blogspot blogs

www issue in blogger custom domain

When you finally park your newly bought domain in blogger, you would have probably set the 2 CNAME records and 4 A records as per the blogger settings.
Then most probably the issue will arise when you visit your domain through, DOMAIN.COM; they will just show that this doesn't work or won't connect to your blog. However, your blog will be working fine when you visit your blog through WWW.DOMAIN.COM

To solve this naked domain problem, you have two methods. Sometimes, it will get resolved in doing the first method itself. If not, you need to apply the second method too.

Methods to Solve naked domain issue of blogger

Method One:

Turn on the redirection of to in your blogger settings.
In the blogger dashboard you will find Setting. Inside settings you will find Publishing, then Redirect domain.

Dashboard > Settings > Publishing > Redirect domain

Make sure this is turned on.
After doing this, you blog will automatically redirect to WWW.DOMAIN.COM when somebody enters through DOMAIN.COM

Sometimes, this will not solve the problem. Wait for at last 24 hours to see this change taking effect. In Godaddy domains, this change will occur and you can see the change within few hours. But it might take more time for other domain providers. I will always recommend to use Godaddy for your Custom domain. So, this is an additional method for godaddy domain users to make this issue alright.

Method Two:

Go to your Godaddy DNS settings. 
Along with the 4 A records and 2 CNAMEs, add one more A record.

Give the credentials as follows:

Record : A
Name: @
TTL : 600 seconds

Save it and wait for few hours. You can see your domain would work just fine. 

How to solve the HTTPS redirection issue with the blogspot blogs

When you have signed up for you blogspot blog, you must have probably seen an option under Dashboard > Settings > HTTPS , to switch on HTTPS version for your blogspot domain. However, this feature will not be working fine, if you haven't refresh it, when you add the new domain. 

What to do to solve HTTPS redirection issue in blogspot blogger

  1. Park your domain or subdomain. 
  2. Finish up setting the 2 CNAMEs and 4 A records in DNS setting. 
  3. If needed, add the Fifth A record, which I mentioned above.
  4. Now, come back to blogger dashboard > Settings > HTTPS.
  5. You might see that HTTPS is turned on and the redirection would be available.
  6. Switch it off for 13 minutes.
  7. After that, Switch on the HTTPS availability only.
  8. Do Not switch on HTTPS Redirect until you see, HTTPS available status just below the HTTPS Availability. 
  9. Once you see that HTTPS is available, then only switch on the HTTPS Redirect.

Wait for 29 minutes. Go to a new browser and check loading your blog from DOMAIN.COM


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