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If you have reached this article then it means either you are looking to learn about writing in your blogger blog to get a new adsense verified or you already have one and want to keep writing without violating the privacy policies of adsense. It is ofcourse the best practice to follow the adsense layout of article writing which is just similar to the normal essay writing style in every language. But, sometimes you need to use your brain to write effectively. Writing more and writing effectively are an entire different approach.

how to make article to get adsense approved in my blog

Writing Effectively in your blogspot for adsense affection

What I am going to say is not valid for genuine writer whose' sole purpose is to write for their passion and earning cmes at the last. My writing is for the brilliant marketing strategists who want to create literary content and feed the need of this society and earn a huge sum for their efforts and service.

Number of paragraphs, words and  per article

For an article to be at its best, it should posses  5 - 7 paragraphs, with an introductory paragraph and an ending paragraph. In between these two, you have five paragraphs where you can elaborate whatever things you want. There is no particular upper limit to write, however it is customary to make your article 1600 words in total to get the grade of a long article. You can extend you article upto 2500 words but no more. The very long articles will definitely make your readers get bored and they will soon leave your site. But there is way, to write more than 2500 words in an article- Make your reader engaged! You should add interlinks in between paragraphs or sentences and add advertisements in between. For example, you can see wikipedia pages, which consists of 100s of interlinks in one single page itself. If you are building a news website or blog, then your news might not have a 1600 word need. Most of the News websites can either have an article of the size 500 words or above.


Blockquotes is the through which we express a quotation or quoted sentence inside our article. For example 

This is just a sample text 

This makes people to notice them. So, design a good blockquote in your html because there is a higher chance for people to see it and stumbles upon it. In case of adsense, this is just a new element you used in formatting. The more formatting an article has, the more article looks convinced hence the chance for adsense is higher.

Headings and Subheadings

If you are writing a small news report or a detailed study article or a long essay article, no matter what just break them into Headings and Sub-headings. When it comes to adsense, what they checks is your xml or html pages where they will first check for heading tags. Heading tags usually appear inside <h1> </h1>, <h2> </h2>, <h3> </h3> etc upto <h6> </h6> in most general cases. However, you don't have to use all the 6 types of heading styles, rather the first three h1, h2, h3 only. The purpose of using this is, when adsense crawls your pages header, they will check for classification and organized behaviour of your article. Through this they can assume that your article is divided into parts and there is enough dimension to publish ads in between them. You can see, even this article I wrote have been divided into headings and subheadings. Remember, you only have to use h1 if that's what necessary. You don't have to unnecessarily make upto h3 or so.

NB: International Essay formats doesn't have any titles or headings in between. So, if you feel that your article would go and look better like an essay regarding a topic, It's highly recommended to not use and h1 or h2 header formatting. Whatever I explained in the above paragraph is for the article generation which comes under quality and useful digital text content creation.

Article consists of Images and Videos. Then only an article will be completed. Read Use Images for SEO and get Adsense approval. After reading this article, please comeback and complete this article.

Once you have fulfilled the above criterias, know that you have made a better article that adsense or google can't say No or reject them. As you have learned to make a good article for your blogspot for adsense and SEO, you might wonder the number of articles you have to make in order for adsense to approve your blogspot blog (with or without domain), I recommend to read Number of blog posts needed before applying for adsense.

I wish you a good luck on your future as an adsense publisher. Feel free to comment here, with your experience, once you have got your adsense approved. 


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