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The authenticity of a website or a blog is often determined by certain official descriptions we attach to them. From the professional point of view, a blog or website must need certain documentation to prove their authenticity. Adding a disclaimer statement is one important action for a blogger or a webmaster to focus on. Below I will provide 4 easy steps to make a disclaimer in less than 5 minutes.

Note: DIsclaimer is one of the criteria that you will need to get an approved adsense account. So, I strongly suggest that you read the remaining and make your disclaimer in less than five minutes.

1. Mention the Purpose:

Adding a disclaimer to a blog or website means mentioning the purpose for which you have started your blog or website. The purpose should be concrete and straight forward. If you want to add a little beauty to the purpose you could add few lines of actual history from your life which made you to start this blog. I will provide some examples below.

This blog is intended to provide SUITABLE TITLE and SUITABLE TITLE about SUITABLE TITLE. The AUTHOR/BLOGGER/PERSON/YOU was very passionate about SUITABLE TITLE, but observed that there exists a huge need for resources for SUITABLE TITLE. It is from this shortage of available resource materials, this particular BLOG/WEBSITE was made.

Hello friends, I made this blog because I felt there wasn't enough guidance for YOUR NICHE and I believe, I have some experience on YOUR NICHE. So, you can expect more articles on YOUR NICHE from my blog. 

2. Validity of the content:

You might be writing things from your experience or by interviewing an expert of some other reading sources. But to publish a disclaimer in your blog means to provide the source of the your content and hence validate your authentication. But how do we create a disclaimer with validation statements? Let's see the examples below.

This blog (YOUR BLOG NAME IN URL) comprises of statements and information which is either taken from internet sources, for which the author would have credited with annotations or as hyperlinks, or would be from my own experiences and observations.

The content that has been placed in YOUR BLOG NAME is purely created out of author's experience in this field. The information could be statistically invalid at moments,but considering the long term usage, most of them will hold true for the wide variety of accidental error.

WoW! What did I just said in the above sentence?
You might not have understood a word in the second Validation example to make the disclaimer for your blog, but believe me, such crappy sentences often works out to get rid of any Invalid accusation you might want to face in future and it would give enough space to get ahead of the troubles.
If you want some sentences as such and tips on creating them, read my article on : Make an article for your blog from Absolutely Nothing.

3. Liability and possible errors.

Whatever content you have posted on your blog is your responsibility. So, you will have to state the liability of it and face consequences of the errors which might come into it. So, for a genuine authenticity of your blog you need to state the liability of your content. I will show two examples below to add liability statements to make your disclaimer for your blog.

The content provided in YOUR BLOG URL are meant for sharing useful information to the general public. However, in case of any policy violation or copyright issues kindly contact the author through his personal email YOUREMAIL@EMAIL.COM. If there is some technical or informative errors you found on my blog, please use the above mentioned email to inform me ASAP. In case of any violation of the Laws of any country or state, we are hereby informing that we would take up the measures to give the full rights to the owner and remove the content if necessary. 

Hello reader, the purpose of YOUR URL is mentioned in the above sentences and from that you might have understood that we are merely using the freely available information to group and provide under a single umbrella. If the situation become unfortunate and any of our content makes you discomfortable, please inform the author via email at YOUREMAIL@EMAIL.COM as soon as possible.

The liability statements are closely associated with the Copyrights revelation; which is another utmost important content that your blog should have. Copyrights policies and Intellectual property rights is an another form of disclaimer which is of huge importance. If you lack a Copyrights policy information page, then you must must read this article on : How to build a copyrights policy page in 3 minutes for my blog ; this article is definitely going to help you make a copyrights policy page for you blog in 3 minutes! yes, no joking!

4. Limitation statement:

Once you are done with stating the Purpose, Validity, Liability cum Errors then the last thing you need is to inform the reader about the limitations of your blog. For a successful blog on any niche, it is of top priority to state what they won't get from your blog. It is very very very important to mention the limitations of your blog in your disclaimer. So, even if you forget the above three important sections of the disclaimer, never ever forget to add few lines about the limitations of your blog while making a disclaimer for your blog.

Hello dear reader, 
You might be a new reader or a regular reader. We hope that you came looking for what you actually needed from this blog. Incase if you haven't what you are looking for, let us help you to understand what might not be available on this blog. This blog is meant for REPEAT THE PURPOSE BUT USE SOME PHRASAL CHANGES TO AVOID REPEATING THE SAME LINE AND CREATE PLAGIARISM. As it is, you might not be able to find content not related these topics such as GIVE THE NAMES OF SOME CONTENTS WHICH IS SIMILAR TO YOURS BUT YOU ARE NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT! Some of such contents might be available at LINK, LINK and LINK
The last sentence can be used to keep a very good permanent backlink to any other blogs of yours' or any partner blogger with whom you might share backlinkings with.

So, These are the most important sections needed to make a disclaimer in 5 minutes for your blog. The examples I have mentioned above is for you (If you are a blogger) to take for free at your need, I hereby declare that you can edit them, modify them and use in any appropriate way of your choice.
If you have finished making a disclaimer of your own using my guidelines, I would be glad to have look on it. I encourage you people to post your disclaimer page link below. (and DUDE Don't spam in its name, If you want a backlink, I might provide them with other ways, LOL). If you have some tips on making the disclaimer more better or If you have a better disclaimer, please let me know by commenting about it below. 

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