Copyrights policy page for blogspot in 3 minutes

Yes, In 3 minutes you will be making a copyrights privacy page on your blog. 
Of Course it's not that simple because copyrights are everything. There are a lot of methods to copyright your content, but in this article I am only helping you to create a custom copyrights privacy page in your blog, so that it looks professional and authentified. Disclaimer is one such this has been explored well in my previous article titled : Make a disclaimer for your blog in 5 minutes

Well, let's start with the basic things.
copyrights page for blogspot bloggers

What is the need for a copyright page?

A copyrights policy page in your blog ensure the protection from copyrights owners in case you unknowingly used any content which doesn't belong to you. In fact, the actual purpose is to state which content is owned by you and how strong is your ownership along with what you don't own and from who.

So, let's settle the basics of copyrights and it's varieties for some other time, let's make a smart copyrights policy page for your blog. Below, I am going to explain the most important sections you have to consider and a few examples to show them (obviously you can edit and use them as you wish)

Content Nature:

While making a blog, you have to make sure that you display what type of content you are providing and in what form. This authenticate your relationship over the content. You might be using a piece of art which was actually made by some other person for which you definitely have to give credits and possibly a link to the original source or as per the provider's interest. If the content is own generated by you, you can specify the mode through which you generated them. If you are making a poster for your blog article, you can specify which editing applications were used in the process of making it or how you managed to make posters for your blog.

Usage Policy:

Whatever the content you are using, let it be text or an image or video,animation or an audio you have to specify their purpose. If you are using an image of Milky Way galaxy from NASA then you should specify your usage as educational purpose or if you using it for any monetization purpose then you should specify the nature of commercial usages too. Profiting or Non-profiting comes later, but you should never leave anything without mentioning.

Quantitative measure:

It's okay to use content from another source like another blog or a website but to what extend? How much percentage of content are you using from the new source? And how much is your contribution? You cannot just take bits and pieces from other content providers and stitch them to make a jumbled content. It's fine if there is more creativity than the altogether content taken from other sources.

Qualitative stability:

The content you are using will definitely bring some impact through you blog. While happening, you have to ensure that it doesn't give any negative impact on the content you used. If you use the image of a person from some free stock collection, you shouldn't use it for spreading an racial message. Another example is when you take up an artwork from an artist and use it in article which criticises art works. So, here you have to specify what are the expected impact of the content you are creating as well as you are adapting from other sources and this impact should never hit bottom.

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